How Our Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms Supplement Works

We've got a new product coming your way to help you achieve and maintain that state of balanced health for your brain and your body.

happy fox sea moss and smart shrooms

Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms | Brain + Body Performance Blend. Formulated to help support good physical health and healthy cognitive function.

happy fox sea moss + smart shrooms

Ever feel mentally foggy, anxious or have trouble remembering? Medicinal mushrooms are nutrient dense and packed with antioxidants to fuel cognitive function to help you stay focused, reduce anxiety, and rebuild brain cells! Who the heck doesn't want a smarter, smoother, speedier working brain?! Also needing the minerals and vitamins to keep all your bodily functions in check like immunity, heart health, thyroid and energy levels? Enter sea moss and bladderwrack, the preferred natural superfood that holds all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to function properly. Oh, and did I mention that it's know to give you thicker hair, brighter skin and stronger nails?

sea moss + smart shrooms focus

Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms | Brain + Body Performance Blend is powered by all organic and vegan ingredients, made in the US in a FDA facility and always crafted with love.