By choosing Happy Fox Health you are supporting a conscious company. One that is women owned, powered by LGBTQ+2 and BIPOC humans who are conscious business owners, experts of sea moss and champions for natural wellness. We know that every decision we make has an impact, so we honor that by creating an ecosystem of support for ethical business practices, sustainability, community and levelling up the collective mind & body.

We ensure that the impacts of our actions feed into this ecosystem of support. By way of contributing to restorative projects and new green technology that aims to help preserve and re-establish natural resources, by being selective of vendor and partner relationships we form; ensuring that they are aligned with our ethos, harvesting raw sea moss only when it is in season and in natural harmony of the ecosystem, by being an accessible resource of knowledge and by providing honest products for people to elevate their mind & body.


We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency in what we do. We believe you should know exactly what you put in your body - we show you everything on our label so you know exactly what makes Happy Fox Health products so great.

Happy Fox Health products are all vegan, gluten free, soy free, filler free and free of artificial colors, flavors or chemicals. We follow strict quality control measures and always conduct rigorous testing of our products and ingredients to ensure they pass our highest standards and comply with local and international regulations. We ensure you are getting a product that is pure, effective, free from contamination and sourced solely from nature. After all, we only offer you what is part of our family's diet.


We invite you to try our products stress free. Our customer’s wellness and happiness is our top priority. We understand that every body has different needs and adapts differently to wellness regimens. If you are unsatisfied with the results after trying our products within 30 days, reach out to us and we will do what it takes to make it right for you.