How to Flavor Sea Moss with Mango, Strawberry, and Coconut Milk (Recipe)

Sea moss is a nutrient-rich seaweed that has gained popularity for its health benefits. It's versatile and can be flavored in various ways to create delicious and nutritious recipes. In this guide, we'll show you how to flavor sea moss with the vibrant flavors of mango, strawberry, and creamy coconut milk to make a delightful sea moss gel.


Dried sea moss

Mango (fresh or frozen)

Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Coconut milk


Sweetener of your choice (e.g., agave nectar, maple syrup, or honey)


Airtight container for storage


Prepare the Sea Moss:

  1. Start by cleaning the dried sea moss thoroughly. Rinse it several times to remove any sand or debris.
  2. Soak the sea moss in a bowl of clean, cold water for at least 4-6 hours or overnight in the fridge. It will expand and become soft.

Blend the Soaked Sea Moss:

  1. Drain the soaked sea moss and rinse it again.
  2. In a blender, add the soaked sea moss and enough water to cover it.
  3. Blend the sea moss until it becomes a smooth and creamy gel-like consistency. This may take a few minutes.

Prepare the Fruit Purees:

  1. For the mango flavor, peel and chop the mango into small pieces. Blend until smooth.
  2. For the strawberry flavor, wash and hull the strawberries. Blend until smooth.
  3. You can adjust the sweetness of the fruit purees by adding your chosen sweetener to taste.

Mix the Sea Moss with Fruit Purees:

  1. In a separate bowl, combine the sea moss gel with your chosen flavor; mango puree or strawberry puree.
  2. Add coconut milk to the blender and blend to achieve your desired consistency and creaminess.
  3. Ensure that the flavors are well incorporated.

Adjust Sweetness:

  1. Taste the mixture and adjust the sweetness by adding more sweetener if necessary. Mix well.

Store Your Sea Moss Gel:

  1. Transfer the flavored sea moss gel into an airtight container or jar. 
  2. Store it in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks, or frozen for 3-6 months. 


  1. Your flavored sea moss gel is now ready to be enjoyed. You can eat it plain, mix it into smoothies, use it as a topping for yogurt or oatmeal, or get creative with other recipes.


  • Experiment with the ratios of sea moss, fruit purees, and coconut milk to achieve your preferred consistency and flavor intensity.
  • Coconut milk with higher fat content can be whipped to a firm peak like regular whipping cream and is a great addition to top a homemade pie or as an dairy- free alternative in desserts. 
  • Adjust the sweetness to your taste by adding more or less sweetener.
  • You can use fresh or frozen fruit, depending on availability and preference.
  • The sea moss gel can also be flavored with other fruits like pineapple, banana, or passion fruit for variety.
  • Gold sea moss gel is more mild in taste than purple sea moss gel, you may want to adjust your fruit amount or sweetness to consider this. 

Flavoring sea moss with mango, strawberry, and coconut milk is a delightful way to enjoy this nutritious superfood. It not only enhances the taste but also adds valuable vitamins and minerals to your diet. Check out our Instagram page for more recipes and inspo.