What's In Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms


We are so excited to share our latest superfood product with you: Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms. This brain + body performance blend is the most comprehensive natural supplement to fully support balanced cognitive and physical health from A to Z. This certified organic supplement contains Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, burdock root and 7 nootropic mushrooms. Formulated to support immunity, heart health, balanced thyroid, mental clarity, focus, memory, overall wellness and vitality. Professionally formulated, made in the USA and always crafted with love.

We’re super pumped about bringing this superfood supplement to you because it combines some of the most amazing superfoods available in supporting your physical health and your mental health!


Mushrooms are superfoods that work in impressive ways with its antioxidant molecules and nutrients that supports the way our brain and body uses oxygen. It supports reducing inflammation, fighting free radicals, improving immunity and protecting against dementia.

Nootropic mushrooms are so rich in antioxidants it can relieve symptoms of depressions, anxiety and improve memory, focus, outlook and mood.


Irish sea moss and bladderwrack superfoods combined gives our body 100% of the essential nutrients our body needs to function well. It's known to support the immune system, balance thyroid and boost energy levels.

Irish sea moss and bladderwrack is rich in plant based collagen it can help with fuller hair, brighter skin, stronger nails and stronger joints. Many of our customers have improved their psoriasis symptoms and other skin issues.


We believe in the benefits of organic ingredients and we strive to assure our customers the quality and safety of our products.

We promise that every ingredient in our Sea Moss + Smart Shrooms capsules is organic. This means we choose to abide by stricter government quality standards to ensure our product is approved as organic.