How to use Sea Moss Gel (Recipes)

Not sure how to incorporate sea moss gel into your day to day cooking? We have a few simple and fun ways to get you started!

Vanilla & Coconut Sea Moss Panna Cotta

To make 4 servings: ⁠

1 litre of Coconut milk⁠

100gm Maple syrup or coconut sugar⁠

3 Vanilla beans or 10ml vanilla extract⁠

3 Gelatin sheets ⁠

3 tablespoons of sea moss gel⁠ ⁠

In a medium pot add coconut milk, sweetener and vanilla - bring to a gentle simmer. ⁠ 1. To activate gelatin sheets, massage in room temp water until softens, remove from water and stir into pot⁠ 2. When gelatin completely dissolves, remove from heat & stir in sea moss gel⁠ 3. Transfer into ramekin or small mason jar then place in fridge to set ⁠ 4. After about 3 hours it should be completely cool & firm⁠ 5. Top with fresh fruit of your choice and enjoy! ⁠


Bloody Mary With Sea Moss? Yes Please! ⁠ ⁠

Tomato juice: better quality, better taste⁠

Vodka or Virgin, your choice⁠

Pickle juice: a bit of juice from your favorite jar of dill pickles goes a long way.⁠

Horseradish: fresh grated or from the jar⁠

Tabasco: just a dash or two⁠ Old Bay Seasoning: It's our favorite replacement for the Worcestershire to keep it vegan ⁠

Paprika: smoked or regular⁠

Salt & pepper⁠

Teaspoon of sea moss gel⁠

1. Stir over ice 2. Rim glass with celery salt 3. Garnish as desired ⁠


Penne Pasta Salad With Spinach & Cherry Tomato

Salad dressing for pasta, adjust amounts based on how much pasta you would like to use.

Mix sea moss gel into a bowl with mayonnaise, lemon zest and juice, chopped herbs, chopped spinach and some cherry tomatoes. Add some salt and pepper and mix in your pasta. ⁠ Always an option to change up the ingredients to utilize what you have in your fridge. ⁠ ⁠