Our Sustainability Contributions

For us at Happy Fox Health, sustainability and natural consciousness is a part of our everyday life, so it was obvious that it would be a part of our business too. Our mantra, life is cyclical and what you take you must give back in order to achieve balance. This approach comes in many forms, by coordinating with local organizations to monitor natural resources and ecological harmony led us to a maximum production quota each year and further break it down into seasonality and plant growth cycles. By ensuring our harvest area maintains natural balance it supports the local ecosystem and in turn produces the highest quality product for our community. 

The bags we provide our raw sea moss product in, are reusable. Designed with clear sides on the pouch to see what’s inside, simply rinse in warm soapy water and allow to air dry. The bag can store common pantry items like rice, pasta or grains, keep your cables organized in a drawer or bathroom items tidy under the sink. Getting creative with reusing common items before recycling is always a great way to reduce our impact on a day to day level. 

We are on this journey of health because we care about the future of our bodies and the earth. To inspire change, change in our habits and in our mindset to find ways that we can live more harmoniously both internally and externally. Natural health and wellness reinforces a strong immunity that requires less reliance on pharmaceutical intervention. When we apply the same concept to the environment we can see the power of nature flourish. 

This is why our focus on sustainability is multifaceted: we offset our carbon footprint created by ocean freight and logistics by contributing to projects such as those listed below. 

Borehole Rehabilitation Project in Uganda
Type: Clean Drinking Water
Location: Uganda, Africa
Standard: Gold Standard VER
Reference: VPA 43 GS-1247
Est. Reductions: 8,758 tCO2e per year

Photo of children from the Borehole Recreation Project in Uganda that Happy Fox Health contributes to
UK Tree Planting + Brazil Reducing Deforestation
Type: Trees and Forestry
Location: UK & Brazil
Standard: VCS
Reference: Several
Est. Reductions: 100,000 tCO2e per year 
Image of children and instructors in a park from the UK Tree Planting + Brazil Reducing Deforestation that Happy Fox Health contributes to
Larimar Wind Farm Project
Type: Wind Power
Location: Dominican Republic
Standard: Verified Carbon Standard
Reference: VCS 1644
Est. Reductions: 246,766 tCO2e per year
Image of windmills from Larimar Wind Farm Project that Happy Fox Health contributes to  
Portel-Pará Deforestation (REDD)
Type: Reduced Deforestation
Location: Brazil, South America
Standard: VCS +CCBS Gold Level
Reference: VCS 977
Est. Reductions: 553,273 tCO2e per year
Image of children climbing the base of a tree from Portel-Pará Deforestation (REDD), a project that Happy Fox Health contributes to


We also support the development of new technology in wind harvesting. A project that began in Belgium and is expected to be underway 2021 in Texas, Wyoming, California and Barbados. By harvesting wind that is closer to the ground rather than large traditional wind turbines you can maximize the land and power produced by a single area. As well these low impact turbines have less audible impact to animals and are highly efficient.

Image showing 13' tall wind harvester towers with 59' blade tips

Image of windmills from new technology in wind harvesting that Happy Fox Health contributes to

Image of hybrid wind solar power storage in Solano, California

The chart below shows the projected annual energy production of the Wind Harvester v3.2. The wind speeds refer to average wind speeds at the site and the rotor mid-height. Operating at an average projected capacity of 3000 Megawatts per year this is enough to power 2.1 million homes.

Image of a chart showing the projected annual energy production of the Wind Harvester v3.2

Our vision is to continue maximizing our contribution to sustainable projects in new and creative ways each year. So by growing our community, our internal health and wellbeing we can do the same for our mother Earth. And thank you for including us on your wellness journey.

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