What Is Sea Moss? Plus How To Make Sea Moss Gel

So you've been hearing more about sea moss and you want to know what the big deal about sea moss is. Well, you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn the key benefits and how to reap the rewards of this superfood!

Sea moss is part of the red algae family and is found growing along rocky coastal shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, both in cold and tropical waters. Depending on where the sea moss is from they display different colours and attributes and are considered to be part of the same sea moss algae family. All sea moss display an abundance of health benefits with its nutrients so long as they are grown in the ocean naturally or sustainably ocean farmed, and not pool grown. When sea moss is pool grown is lacks the natural environment of tidal changes and ecosystem that strengthens the sea moss.

This superfood contains nearly all all the minerals and vitamin your body needs, 92 of 102 to be exact. It's packed with nutrients that support healthy thyroid, immune system, heart health, clears mucus and congestion which is a leading cause of many diseases. It acts as an appetite suppressant to help you lose a few pounds and give you thicker hair, glowing skin and stronger nails.

sea moss benefits

You're thinking how to I add this to my diet? Easy! Sea moss is commonly prepared as a gel and added to smoothies, puddings, sauces and soups. To make sea moss gel follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a small handful of dried sea moss and wash it in fresh water to remove sand and ocean debris
  2. Soak sea moss in fresh water for 4 to 8 hours making sure it's fully submerged. Sea moss will rehydrate and expand A LOT. Option to add limes to alkalize the water or crystals to give it some extra loving vibrations!
  3. Remove soaked sea moss from water and blend with 1 to 2 cups of fresh water until smooth. Adjust water level as needed. If it's chunky while blending it needs more water. It should be a thick syrupy gel but not overly chunky. Tip: water your plants with sea moss soaking water. Plants need nutrients too!
  4. Add a spoonful of sea moss gel to your smoothie, pudding, sauces, soups or turn it into a face mask! Store in air tight jar and keep refrigerated for up to 4 weeks

To get your hands on this amazing superfood from our store today and start to feel the effects of sea moss and elevate your health!